Adobe Premiere CC 2015 (New Features)

So in this video I talk in depth about the new Lumetri effect for Premiere Pro cc (2015). But before I talk more in depth in this blog post let me just give a bit of background info about my color(ing) abilities.

I AM NOT A COLORIST, though one of my goals for 2015 was to become proficient at it. Given this, I started using/learning Speedgrade, but was very disappointed by the dynamic linking results I was getting. It really is pretty glitchy compared to other programs like After Effects/Photoshop/Audition which all work pretty seamlessly with Premiere Pro. So when I heard that Adobe was launching this new and improved Lumetri effect with “everything you need for basic grading/coloring” I was very intrigued, but mainly because I could use this effect WITHIN premiere, thus speeding up my workflow.

Now as I’ve been using this for almost 2 weeks, I will say that its not perfect and I expect them to add more features in the year ahead, and Speedgrade is definitely still better in a few areas; but I don’t need to use it on everyday projects.

Like I mentioned in the video above, Adobe has Lumetri set up to work from top to bottom, but I almost feel the creative tab should go at the bottom.  Though of course you can edit in any order you see fit, but it definitely helps for beginners to see it presented from top to bottom.

Also as mentioned in the video, morph cut is a fun new tool that works in SOME situations, but DOES NOT transfer to after effects when doing chroma key!

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