This is my first ever blog.  Here I post my thoughts on new film/tech gadgets, plus link to my weekly podcast for filmmakers.  I will also share with you other blogs that I find interesting, as well as other reviews.

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  1. Hi Aaron, I’ve been enjoying your reviews and wanted to ask you a question. I’m a small-time wedding videographer in New Zealand I have recently purchased a Sony a7s body only. Is the hefty price of the 24-70mm worth its value against the 28-70mm? Your thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks


    • If those are the two lenses I have to pick from, definitely the 24-70mm is worth it simply because it has a constant f/4 apperture which is rather important for videos. Not to mention the glass and overall IQ being better, and the 24mm wide end gives you that much more room to work with in tight spaces.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Hello,
    Do you still have the SELP28135G F4? If so, could you please verify its infinity focus operation for me? My lens’ infinity hard-stop goes past infinity focus when in manual focus mode. This seems like incorrect operation to me and the lens should stop exactly at infinity focus.



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